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Do You Know About The Timeless Wisdom Of The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali And Yoga Philosophy?

Do you know about the timeless wisdom of the yoga sutras of Patanjali and yoga philosophy overall? When many people hear the word 'yoga' they have mental images of people stretching in various poses on a mat, or perhaps sitting lotus pose and meditating. However, this is really not yoga, but a part of yoga called 'asana.' It roughly translates from sanskrit to 'one seat,' as the yogic postures are designed to prepare the body for the physical act of meditation. When studying the ageless wisdom of Yoga one can always learn more .

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, with its origins possibly in Vedic culture. However it was not until Patanjali came along that they were ever codified into a single discipline or text. His yoga sutras describe yoga as being an eight-limbed path with many branches. The first of these, the niyamas, include vows to nonviolence, speaking truth, attachments, and not stealing things. The second limb are more personal attitudes, committing to things like cleanliness, contentment, discipline, and self-inspection.

Asana alone is a branch by itself, followed by other limbs dedicated to things like conscious breathing, meditation, and mantra. The final limb of samadhi is supposed to be a state of enlightenment, power, and joy.

For those that discover yoga through a studio, their experience on the mat can leave them wanting much more. Fortunately, yoga has far more to offer than just a hour of stretching and a good savasana. There are multiple texts that translate the yoga sutras of Patanjali into languages spoken around the world. Any can be a good introduction into the spiritual aspects of what just starts as a physical practice to many. If you are unsure what text or translation to get, ask the yogis you know or a trusted teacher for a recommendation.

Adopting the yoga sutras of Patanjali as a lifestyle or a spiritual path can take years to get remotely good at, as it is a challenging practice and one that often seems to conflict with contemporary or Western thinking. However, observance of the protocols has helped many people reduce conflict and stress in their life, determine what they hope to become as a person, and then begin manifesting a new reality that is in alignment with their true nature. Other codifications of yoga have happened since Patanjali, but his 'raja' or 'royal' path remains considered the gold standard among all the available yogic disciplines.

Creative Visualization - Changing Your Future In Career, Money, & Love

By implementing creative visualization, you will filter out all of the negative thoughts that tend to hold people back. You'll be using your thoughts and imagination in a positive light, focusing only on what you want for yourself in the present and in the future. This is all encompassing, allowing you to improve your "luck" in important areas such as your career, how much success and money you have, and even your love life. You'll soon find that luck doesn't even play a part. You have the power to improve everything about yourself in your own mind!

You can go pretty far down the rabbit hole with some very deep and almost mystical reasoning behind why something like creative visualization actually works. It is like a lot of metaphyscal disciplines, it isn't understood why it works but it does. Astrology is a good example, one can't explain why it resonates so strongly and reflects a persons reality, but a good astrologer can tell events in the future.

In pure practical terms however, it just makes sense. If your energy and thoughts are focused on how you want things to be, how wonderful that makes you feel, and the positive notion that you can absolutely achieve everything you want - and most importantly, that you deserve it - you'll be far more likely to accomplish all of it than if you adopt a defeatist attitude and mindset.

You need only look at the people in your own life to see the power of creative visualization in practice, as well as what happens when people lack the means to implement it. You ultimately have proactive optimists that know what they want and have a good time reaping the benefits of achieving their goals versus pessimists that focus so much on what makes them unhappy that they become too overwhelmed to ever turn things around. It should be clear which camp most of us need to lean towards.

Even so, it's still easy to focus more on the negative aspects of life and start merely accepting whatever you're unhappy about. Just realize that it doesn't have to be that way. It isn't too late for you! All it takes is a concerted effort to clear your mind of any self defeating attitudes and recognizing how wonderful it feels to imagine yourself in situations where you actually have what you want. If you can live in that general head space and believe that accomplishing your goals really are possible and are even as good as guaranteed, you'll be so much more likely to stay dedicated to making everything happen for yourself.

Spiritual Or Religious, Is There A Difference?

Many people are turning away from the brick and mortar church in a quest for something more. Why are people choosing to leave religion behind? Are they leaving their beliefs?

In a more perfect world, the two words may be used interchangeably, however, in today's uncertain world, religion and spirituality are two very different things.

It used to be that people were asked their denomination. The answers would vary from Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, LDS, Christian and more. Today, more than ever before, people are instead stating that they are non-denominational but believers.

Why would society as a whole stop focusing on religion and more on being spiritual? Because there is something missing. A gaping hole is evident and many are beginning to see the light.

Where do you fit in? Why not discover more of your true beliefs? Are you religious, or spiritual?

Walk into any church on a Sunday morning and you'll see a congregation of people. Many of these people are only there out of fear of what the others in this church will say if they're not. Others are there because they've been going all of their lives and know no other way.

Yet, there's an eclectic few who are turning to spirituality in an effort to focus on a gaping hole that they have seen. This gaping hole is where there is a need that's not being fulfilled.

The need? Helping others. Many churches say they are there to help otehrs, yet when push comes to shove, they are left wholly inadequate to address the needs of the community as a whole.

With poverty so rampant in society today churches are doing little to help those who are living in abject poverty to escape the rut of poverty.

They are saying the right words, but they are leaving the actions behind that will help those in need. It's not enough to just say, "call if you need help". The homeless and poverty stricken are already so embarrassed that they are afraid to call.

Those who are seeking to be more spiritual are instead going out into the streets and trying to find ways to make a difference. From community gardens that help to feed the poor and the homeless, to homeless shelters and soup kitchens that are helping to get them off the streets, those who are spiritual are making a difference each and every day in the lives of others.

Where do you fit in? Why not discover more of your true beliefs? Are you religious, or spiritual?

My Sad Search For Spiritual Truths

Being sad is unlike any other feeling because it seems as if the mind and spirit are trapped in a pool of syrupy emotions, for a lack of better words. Sadness can often become so heavy that pinpointing the source of it can bring on floods of tears because of all the sad things that I have to think about in order to determine what the cause is. Thankfully, my bouts with sadness eventually led me to seek spiritual truths that have opened my eyes.

Becoming aware of the importance of connecting well-being and spiritual health has helped bring rays of sunshine in what has seemed to be my darkest times in life. The anxiety and confusion resulting from overwhelming emotional pains and hurts no longer make my life seem so meaningless and boring. My new understanding of maintaining a peaceful life is that my overall fitness must include mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Each one has a very serious effect on the other ones.

One of the most important spiritual truths that I have been blessed with learning early in my quest is that each and every individual has their own spiritual walk. Every person has their own understandings, actions and reactions to all that they may experience in life. It can never be said that life is a "one size fits all" experience for everyone. The universe is simply way too huge and the world is simply way too diverse for such a statement to be true. On my path of spiritual seeking I wanted to know what was real Astrology was one avenue that I pursued that helped shed light on my journey.

I am truly amazed at the physical effects resulting from embracing and practicing a healthier spiritual lifestyle. As an example, neck pain and headaches that would accompany the knotted stomach during days of worry and senseless negative self talk has gone away. My worries about unexpected future situations and fears of sudden daily life changes no longer have the powerful punch and stabbing effect it once had on me.

Also among the spiritual truths that I have become aware of is that being comfortable in spirit does not necessarily mean all of my hurts and pain will instantly go away. The reality is that I am becoming much more able to cope with my physical illnesses and keep my sadness in check. Faith and hope have become my anchors as I continuously nourish my spirit by becoming part of the bigger spiritual picture that surrounds me every day.