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Proven Steps That You Can Take To Increase Male Fertility

Did you know that men who have been tested and deemed completely infertile can still have thousands of sperm cells swimming in their semen when they ejaculate? Thats right! Male fertility is basically a numbers game and the greater the numbers you have the more fertile you will be.

Get Yourself Tested

Getting tested may be your first smart step. By doing so, you will be able to see how serious your problem is or isn't, because if your problem is serious you may be facing some mild to mid-range lifestyle changes in order to get your tadpole numbers up. It should be noted that you should always take the time to consult your doctor before taking an medical advice or matters into your own hands. It may be a simple matter of increaser sperm volume or perhaps more fertility treatments are required. Either way your doctor will know best.

Take a Break Tiger

Its a proven fact. Hitting it every night or even more than once a day is not the way to go if you have your sperm count in mind. Take a day off between +sex sessions+ to allow actual sperm cells to build up. In fact, if you can handle it, wait until every third day for a maximum tadpole count.

Real Tough Choices

No booze, no cigarettes and no dope. I know that sounds tough but the fact is that all three of those individually are sperm killers, combined they are a sperm cell holocaust. Eat a good diet and get plenty of exercise. Also near in mind that stress in any form is also a sperm cell buster so try to relax more.

More Things That You Can Do

Okay, so you have cleaned up your act and are taking all of the natural steps to try to get your wages garnished for child support payments but is there anything else that you can do that doesn't leave you shoveling out thousands of dollars to a fertility clinic?

Semen Volume Enhancers + Break Out the Heavy Artillery

Of course there is and things such as +semen volume enhancers+ can now be easily purchased online. In fact,. there are now more clinically proven pills and natural herbs of this type available then there have ever been before and whats more, you can even read the online testimonials of people who have used them to see how they worked for them. Start here: Volume Pills Review How to Increase Ejaculate Volume.

Cord Blood Banking Looks Expensive Is It Worth It?

Parents would do anything in their power to ensure the health and safety of their children. As a parent myself, I know that worrying about your children begins from the moment you know you are expecting. In some cases, this is all you can do worry, because there are situations and risks that cannot be foreseen or prevented.

However, with the advances in medicine and with the rather recent discovery on the importance of cord blood, you can plan ahead and prevent a possible risky situation. I am talking about storing your babys umbilical cord blood.

When I first heard about it, I was a bit hesitant and I did not know what to make of it. But, as I read more and more about it, I became convinced that, no matter how expensive it might be, it is totally worth it. And I will tell you why.

The blood from the newborns umbilical cord is rich in stem cells. These stem cells have the ability to grow into organs, blood vessels, and tissues, so, in other words, they can turn into virtually any human cell. Because of their great abilities, these cells can be used later on, in the treatment of certain diseases that your child might develop.

Now you can see for yourself why, instead of throwing away this blood after birth, it would be a sensible choice to store it. Furthermore, the treatment with stem cells can be used on siblings or even relatives of the baby. Of course, you cannot know for sure that you will ever need it, but I was not going to take that risk.

So, after deciding for cord blood banking, the next decision was where. I did a thorough research of banks, read reviews, talked to people. In the process, I found out another important thing: the method of transportation. In the beginning, I did not even think about it. But of course, it makes so much sense! The transportation is vital; the conditions must be 100% safe, so that the cord blood may reach the facility in perfect state.

Therefore, when calculating the budget for cord blood banking, do not forget to factor in related expenses: courier cost for the rush delivery after birth, Ontario and Toronto companies having well determined fees for this type of services. If you are having a hard time deciding, ask the banking facility for references. That is what I did. You want a serious and reliable company, because their task is important, and time and punctuality are of the essence in these cases.

All in all, I am satisfied with my choices and, although there was no need to access the cord blood so far, I feel more at peace knowing that it is there.

Safety At The Time Of 3d 4d Ultrasound Sessions

Mothers are always trying to look out for the safety of their children even before they were born. They try to go to the best doctors, take prenatal care medicines and watch the food that they eat. All these factors affect the baby in some way so mothers would normally take precautions on just about anything they are exposed to. One of the first things that an unborn child gets exposed to is an ultrasound. An ultrasound is a way for the obstetrician to determine the age of the baby inside your womb and to detect any abnormalities surrounding your pregnancy. Some parents prefer to have 3D and 4D ultrasounds to see the features of their child clearly. If you are one of these parents you should take precaution when having a 3D or 4D ultrasound. These are some of the things you should remember in order to ensure your safety of ultrasound 3D 4D sessions:

1. Try to limit the time of exposure Some mothers get so excited seeing their babies in 3D or 4D that they want to keep looking at them longer than necessary. Prolonged exposure to the high energy that the 3D or 4D ultrasound emits can cause birth defects and pregnancy problems so its best to limit the exposure as much as possible. After all, its good to see the baby on screen but its even better to see him alive and well.

2. Increase water intake prior to your 3D 4D sessions some moms swear that the increased water intake helped them have good amounts of amniotic fluids during their session. Although there are no proven study that this helped, drinking plenty of water during pregnancy can help keep you and your baby hydrated. Theres really no harm in trying this tip even if youre not going to a 3D 4D session.

3. Monitor the times when the baby is at his most active babies are sometimes more active in the morning or just after you had something sweet. Increased movement on your baby could make it tougher for the ultrasound technician to get a good shot of your baby. Schedule your 3D session at the time that your baby is at rest so that you can get a good picture. For 4D sessions, you might want to schedule it at the time that your baby is moving as this is a moving picture of your baby.

4. Wear loose and comfortable clothing on your session your privacy and safety at the time of ultrasound 3D 4D sessions is of utmost importance so you should ensure that you are wearing clothes that are loose but wont expose your entire body to the technician. Do not wear dresses to the session. Wear a loose top and bottom that doesnt expose your private parts.

The FDA warns against using 3D or 4D ultrasound unless it is medically necessary. You should always seek the advice of your doctor if you are unsure about your health and your babys health. It is also not advisable to take weekly images of 3D ultrasound so make sure you dont do it frequently. At the end of the day, the choice to get 3D or 4D ultrasound is up to you so take note of the warnings and decide what would be best for you and your child.