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Should You Homeschool Or Enroll Your Child In A Chula Vista Preschool?

A rising trend these days is that parents prefer to homeschool their young children, instead of sending them to a San Diego preschool. These parents believe that they can teach the simple things taught in preschool.

They can easily teach their children about shapes, numbers and sounds. They also feel that they should be in charge when choosing the things to teach their children.

These parents also think that homeschooling is a better option because children just play most of the time in preschool. They would rather have their kids play in their backyard than on school premises. This enables them to better supervise their children.

The Industry of Child Care in San Diego

Those involved in preschool education in San Diego, however, beg to disagree. They are not out to discredit the advantages of homeschooling. They just want to point out that preschool playtime is not just about recreation.

They are aware that parents are the first teachers of children. Moreover, parents will always have the best interests of their children, but they wish to highlight the importance of educators in the lives of children.

School staff and teachers in preschools are expected to have the following:

- At least a tertiary-level education degree

- Licensing from the government

- Access to trainings in education, sociology, and psychology

- Access to the latest teaching trends and studies on education

Educators study for years to become legitimate teachers. Aside from studying to obtain an educational degree, they do further studies to be licensed educators. Some teachers and school administrators who wish to expand their horizons even obtain masters and doctoral degrees.

They may have learned everything about being a preschool teacher, but they still attend workshops and seminars regularly. They believe that continuous learning can turn them into better educators and disciplinarians.

Most preschool teachers also continue studying on their own by analyzing recent studies. They can also alter their teaching styles and update their curricula with their newfound knowledge.

Learning Activities in a Chula Vista Preschool Program

Preschool teachers appear to have it easy because they just run around and play with their students. Their way of teaching is merely by talking to the young ones.

A deeper look into their playtime, however, shows that there is more than meets the eye. Parents who prefer homeschooling should know the main advantages of a preschool education:

- Expertise

- Interaction

- Socialization

Licensed preschool teachers are aware that young children can learn through games and other fun activities. That is why each and every game is carefully planned.

Teachers create lesson plans to outline their desired outcome after each class. They give instructions to children, supervise the game, and give feedback.

The seemingly pointless games and conversations at a preschool are actually well thought out. Such activities are products of various educational and psychological studies.

Two of the greatest advantages of preschool education over homeschooling are the elements of interaction and socialization. A homeschooled child will only get to interact with his immediate family members whereas a preschool child will get to mingle with fellow kids, school staff and teachers.

Sending a child to a preschool will open many doors for him. He will meet new friends and mentors. He will definitely learn a lot from his numerous interactions in school.

Socialization comes into play when the preschool students are instructed on how to behave properly. It is important that children are taught at an early age regarding how to display acceptable social behavior.

It is during games and other learning activities when children get to socialize. Children who punch each other will be made to realize that it is wrong to hurt their classmates. Children who shout at their teachers will also be taught to respect their elders.

The Play-academics Balance in the Best Preschools in San Diego

An ideal San Diego preschool is one, which can incorporate play into its curriculum. It should, in fact, give equal importance to play and academics in its curriculum.

San Diego is home to quite a lot of premium preschools. These schools believe that children will learn the most when they are playing. That is why they allot plenty of time for recreation, just as much as the amount of time designated for academics.

If you are still pondering on whether to homeschool or send your child to preschool, weigh their advantages and disadvantages carefully. If you feel that your child will benefit from the expertise of teachers and will grow because of socialization, then preschool may be for him.

Keep in mind that preschool will serve as your childs stepping stone into the real world. Check out the video for more criteria:


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