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The Power Of Mixed-age Play

All parents want the best for their children. You are seeking the learning institution that will help develop your child into the person you want him to be.

An ideal Eatontown community school is right there in your area. The Voyagers' Community School has a unique educational program that makes use of mixed-age groupings and mixed-age play.

Age Is Just a Number

A child's complete development is not measured by age. Children mature and grow because of their mental, social, and physical capacities.

Some children develop their skills in spurts and leaps; others develop in small gradual steps. No two children are exactly alike in their learning pace, so it is best to let them set their own speed. The lack of pressure and deadlines in the learning process will enable the students to know themselves better.

Real Life Experiences

You learn to adjust to all of them, especially if they are in your neighbourhood, your church, and in your family. Mixed ages in the classroom will be a natural situation for the students. This is just right, because the school promotes the "one family" and "one community" relationship.

Outdoor activities are part of community life, so students enjoy outdoor programs and make the most of them. When students go outdoors almost every day, they will come to love nature and its beauty.

Mixed-Age Advantages

When children of different ages are brought together, wonderful things happen. Their energy, innocence, trust and friendliness are awesome traits that boost their relationship with one another. These are the many advantages of mixed- age grouping and mixed-age play;

- The student is free to be what he is.

- Young children will be inspired by the older ones.

- A young child may be mentored by older children.

- There is no rivalry and competition.

- Older children will set the example for the young ones.

- The student learns new lessons at his own pace.

- The students develop their social graces.

Fertile Grounds

The freedom and independence that the ideal school provides enable students to learn and discover new things at a fast pace. They explore the world of technology by the hands-- on projects that they make. The students' creativity is greatly enhanced by the freedom of expression and the support of the teachers and staff.

Parents are overwhelmed at the achievements of their children when they are left alone to discover what they can do. The students gain courage and inspiration to work on their chosen field of the arts.

Our Students and our Graduates

Have you noticed the way your children accept their school? Here at Voyagers', the children are excited to come to school in the morning and begin their day of learning.

Our graduates are confident young adults who are eager to go to college and pursue their chosen career. They give trust and respect because they have been trusted and respected.


Is it not wonderful to let your children learn the traditional subjects and values through a non-traditional system? All the fun, relationships, discoveries, explorations, and hands-on projects make the children discover themselves and what they can do in their lives. Parents, your children will be grateful for this choice of school.


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